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MTV:Tupac, Paris Hilton.. MTV:Tupac, Paris Hilton..

Rated 5 / 5 stars


i dont know why people got mad about the tupac thing. i mean i love tupac as much as the next guy but you have to admit that scene with mr. t was fucking hilarious.

Puritania Puritania

Rated 5 / 5 stars


i dont even usualy like rock or metal music but i like this flash so much that i liked the song. im glad you showed people what was really going on in iraq after we got involved. we arent freeing the iraqi people out country is starting genocide right under our noses. get over your pride people and try to make your country better by not supporting the terrorist that is running it, because america is far from perfect. i truley beleive that bush is just as evil as suddam, he just hides it better. the u.s has kill 7,000 innocents. they did nothing wrong, and we killed them, 10 casualties here, 5 there, 15 here, all the way up to 7,000. this is liberation?

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Foamy's Rant 2 Foamy's Rant 2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


i thought it was all funny except for the part about getting pissed off about other languages. it just made you sounds like some redneck who didnt want forigners in our country even though america has lots of oppertunities for forign people. except now i would never want to come here if i was forign because ever since this "america is the best country in the world" bullshit everyone is treating forigners, especialy arabs, like terrorists. and i know people think if you come here you should at least learn the language, but do you think that if you went to france or japan or iraq you should have to learn their language? its just because people think that america is the best country ever even though its no better than most european countrys, in my oppinion their are tons of other countries that are better than america. but im not anti-patriotic, i love our country, i just think we have a couple things to work out. so get over your "love it or leave it" attitude also. and that ladies and gentelman was my rant inspired by a talking squirrel in a meaningless cartoon, thank you.